Wraps Nautilus scripts for use in Thunars custom actions.
  • Share your scripts between Thunar, Nautilus and Nemo
  • Very easy to use
  • Fully integrated
Installation: ~$ pip install tunar-wrap
Users manual: ~$ tuna-wrap --help


# A file streaming application for Django

It provides download links without showing the real path to the served file. It offers link expire capabilities.
  • Optional link expires by time
  • Optional link expires by clicks
  • Is usable for counting
  • Example project is included in the package.
  • New BSD license.
Installation: ~$ pip install django-easy-contact
Download and documentation HERE.
The project page can be found HERE.


Raid hard disc monitoring daemon for linux servers.
  • Runs as a daemon.
  • Sends a mail in the case of a hard drive loss.
  • Setup via configuration file.
  • MIT License.
Installation: ~$ pip install raid-guard


A simple contact form application for Django.
  • You can use every outsite email host (the application will auto configure itself).
  • It is clearly visible from which sender and domain the email has been sent.
  • Optionally it works together with django-easy-contact-setup.
  • New BSD license.
Installation: ~$ pip install django-easy-contact


Admin set up for django-easy-contact.
  • Mail form setup via administration interface.
  • All important data will be saved encrypted.
  • New BSD license.
Installation: ~$ pip install django-easy-contact-setup

Photo import and archiving

CatGrab was designed with ultra slim user interface. Functions can be placed into the setup menu for direct access to the program interface. The program identifies and sorts the photos directly during the import from your digital camera to your PC in a time-based directory structure. Here, the program can deal with both serial shots reaching several photos per second and films without Exif data. The software in general needs no pre settings and can be regarded as a "out of the box" solution.

# Download

CatGrab is no longer developed and supported.

- Free Edition
The freeware version that works without any configuration menu operates with presettings and requires no setup.

- Pro Edition
Full featured version.

Scripte für Linux / Gnome

The scripts only run with Nautilus and have to be placed in its script directory. For use with Thunar file manager use tuna-wrap. The dependencies required are described in the scripts. Open the relevant script with a text editor.

# nautilus-renamer

Also very good photography related stuff is the script by Thura Hlaing. Renamer is a small script for batch renaming files in Nautilus.
  • License: GPL3
Project and download: HERE

Debian package: HERE

# photo-namer-nautilus

It works with data scheme created by CatGrab photo import software.
  • names selected and related files (e.g. JPG and his RAW file)
  • afterwards raw file naming
~$ pip3 install --user photo-namer-nautilus
Download und Users Manual: auf pypi

Disable tracker in Ubuntu 16.04

Script from Dany Henriquez to deactivate tracker in Ubuntu 16.04. Execute the script only once in the console.
Project and download: